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FW Murphy improves the protection,
performance and reliability of engines
FW Murphy is a market leader in the supply of electronic, electrical and mechanical instruments and controls for engine-driven equipment.  
FW Murphy is part of the FW Murphy Group, a world-wide organisation with the head office in Tulsa USA. The European operation - Frank W Murphy Ltd. - is based in Laverstock, near Salisbury UK, serving customers within Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. Frank W Murphy Ltd. designs and manufactures its own range of electronic and panel controls, in addition to supplying equipment imported from our USA and China plants.

For more than 70 years, people and companies around the world have depended on Murphy. From mechanical gauge and shutdown devices, through to our latest CANbus displays and interfaces, Murphy products provide monitoring and protection of critical engine and machinery functions.



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RAEL is an Italian brand for low voltage AC/DC electric quantities metering (Volt, current, power, energy, frequency…..etc) using Analogue/Digital meters and the related instruments transformers VTs, CTs. Also F.C.Misure have branches for telemetry equipments such as transducers, transmitters for all of LV/MV electric quantities (Volt, current, power, energy, frequency…..etc) and other new energy (solar/wind) applications are available.







FANOX is a reputable manufacturer of industrial electronic products with a wide experience in communication, digitalization, protection and control materials, ranging from a simple voltage control relay, through a complete range of electronic protection for motors, to sophisticated cell protection and control systems for electric substations. Some of Fanox products applications are:

  • Motor & pump protection
  • Generator & Elevator protection
  • Medium voltage protection
  • Customized electronic products

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ELECTROPUTERE was founded in 1949 and designated to manufacture high currents electrotechnical equipment for energetics and railway transport.
ELECTROPUTERE was privatized in mid-October, 2007.
ELECTROPUTERE-MER Division has a long tradition in the field of rotating electric machines. The manufacturing range has increased in time, starting in 1950 with the manufacturing of unsophisticated low voltage induction motors meant for pumps driving and coming today to manufacturing high voltage induction motors meant for the nuclear power station in Cernavoda.

Up to now over 5800 types have been assimilated in a total volume of production of over 115000 pieces, of which 81000 induction motors, 3000 direct current motors, 26000 traction motors and over 5000 synchronous generators and motors.



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eleElectroputere is one of the biggest Power Transformer suppliers from South-East Europe, delivering to more than 50 countries and references up to 420kV solutions including:
  • Generator Transformers up to 420KV and 440MVA.
  • Auxiliary and service Transformers up to 345KV and 100MVA.
  • Interconnection Power Transformers and Autotransformers up to 400/220KV, 220/110KV and 400MVA.
  • Network Transformers up to 161KV and 100MVA.
  • Earthing Transformers up to 66KV and 400KVA.
  • Medium Power Transformers up to 72.5KV and 25MVA.
  • Distribution Transformers up to 66KV and 16MVA.


Electroputere offers a full range of after sales services according to your needs. Our technical specialists offer you solutions for:

  • Erection, commissioning and testing at site
  • Spare parts / Repair.
  • On site diagnosis
  • Long term contract maintenance
  • On site overhauls including: transformer drying, oil processing
  • Retrofit and life extension service in EP or at site
  • Technical assistance and supervision.
  • Rehabilitation








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